Vast majority of public comments oppose DE DOE anti-discrimination policy


The group crafting Delaware Department of Education’s anti-discrimination policy, also known as regulation 225 will meet at the end of the month to discuss their next moves. The controversial policy, which allows students to self-identify their own gender or race, and in some cases, without the knowledge of their parents was put on hold until the development team could review the more than 11,000 comments provided during the public comment period last year. The comments can be reviewed by the public here; the following is an analysis of the responses received:

Reg 225. Public Comment Breakdown
IN FAVOR (DE residence) 1,393 12.53%
IN OPPOSITION (DE residence) 8,352 75.11%
OUT OF STATE 1,020 9.17% 7.34% est. Oppose
(est. 80% opposed, 20% in favor) 1.83% est. in favor
NO COMMENT 8 0.07%
TOTAL 11,120 OPPOSE: 82.45%
IN FAVOR 14.36%
OTHER 3.19%

The Department of Education has announced the development team will meet on January 31st from 6-8 PM at the Delaware Tech– Dover to discuss their next steps.