FREE Bike Lights, Helmets, Safety Tips at Bike Safety Checkpoints


The 2019 resort bicycle safety checkpoints begin this Thursday at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior at 20276 Bay Vista Rd outside Rehoboth.  The checkpoints offer a good opportunity to meet fellow bicyclists, get minor adjustments made to bikes and receive FREE lights, helmets and safety info.

DelDOT provides these safety tips for bicyclists:

  • Protect your Head. Wear a helmet: Never ride without wearing a properly fitted helmet.
  • Be Visible. See and Be Seen at ALL times: Always assume you are not seen by others. Wear bright colors; install lights/reflectors on both the front and rear.
  • Look, Signal, Look Again: Signal in advance of a turn; use correct hand signals. Yield to pedestrians and other vehicles, as appropriate. If riding on a sidewalk use extra caution at entrances and intersections.
  • Stay Alert. Stay Focused: Always look for obstacles in your path; potholes, cracks, glass; drainage inlets or anything that could make you fall. Be aware of traffic around you. Use caution when crossing railroad tracks; cross tracks at a right angle.
  • Go with the Flow: Always ride with traffic on roadways and obey traffic lights. Ride in a bike lane if available.
  • Act like a Car: Be predictable. Always ride on the right with the flow of traffic. Ride in a straight line. Although not illegal do not recommend to ride double file. Do not swerve in and out of traffic.
  • Don’t Get Distracted: Delaware law allows a rider to wear one earbud but it is recommended to not wear them since they hinder your ability to hear traffic. Also do not use your cell phone to talk or text while riding and do not drink alcohol and ride… both are against the law.
  • Obey all Traffic Laws: Know current traffic laws and bicycle laws. Municipalities bicycle laws can be different than the State.
  • Assure Bicycle Readiness: Use a bicycle that fits you. Check all parts to make sure they are secure and working properly.
  • Do a Quick Bicycle Test: Perform the A-B-C Quick Test. A is for Air; check the tire pressure. B is for Brakes; make sure they are working properly and C is for Chain; make sure the chain is clean or needs lubricant. Quick test is make sure the quick release wheels and seats are secured.