FY 2024 Sussex County Budget Unveiled – No Tax Increase


The Sussex County Council got a look at the proposed FY 2024 Budget during this week’s meeting. The $278.6-million budget has no increase in property taxes, however there are some fee increases for sewer at $10 annually and $15 annually for un-metered water on public utility systems, as well as new and adjusted fees for a variety of engineering services.

The proposed budget will fund a variety of local services – 911 dispatchers, paramedics, and other public safety, as well as pay for sewer expansions, continued open space preservation, and a contribution for a new state park recreation project.

Among the highlights in the proposed FY2024 budget, the proposal includes:

  • $66.1 million for wastewater infrastructure, including new sewer mains, increased treatment capacity, and other upgrades to the County’s utility systems
  • $7.4 million to preserve open space and farmland that could otherwise be developed
  • Increased funding, from $3.8 million to $4.1 million, for the County’s contract with the State of Delaware for 23 supplemental state police troopers assigned to Sussex County
  • $3.4 million in funding to pay for the continuing court-ordered property reassessment
  • $2 million for the design, planning, and construction of paramedic stations in the Dewey Beach, Lincoln, Millsboro and Milton areas
  • $5.7 million for local fire companies and ambulance squads to help with operational costs, including paid EMT salaries
  • Funding for three new positions to meet demand in the County’s wastewater operation; meantime, while the County general fund’s overall employee count remains unchanged, due to departmental shifts, four additional paramedics are slated for hire next year
  • A $1.5 million contribution to the State, using the County’s realty transfer tax reserves, for the construction of an aquatic recreational facility at Trap Pond State Park near Laurel

The County Council will hold a public hearing on the proposal during its 10 a.m. meeting Tuesday, June 20, 2023, in council chambers at the County Administrative Offices building, 2 The Circle, in Georgetown. The public can comment on that date, or submit comments through the web at budget@sussexcountyde.gov. By law, Council must adopt a budget by June 30.

CLICK HERE to view the FY 2024 Budget or the presentation.