Georgetown woman tested for coronavirus

Holly White, of Georgetown, Delaware – (Photo provided by Holly White)

For the past three weeks, a Georgetown woman has been battling a severe illness that she believes could be the coronavirus. She was recently tested and shared her experience with WGMD News.

Holly White, 35, heard of the coronavirus hype but never thought it would potentially impact her life the way it has over the past few weeks.

What started as a burning sensation in her throat and nose led to terrible aches across her body and severe shortness of breath.

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, Holly White shares her first sign of symptoms…

“I had a sore throat, pain in my nose, severe muscle aches, and a cough,” Holly said. “Shortness of breath was really bad, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

Holly White tells WGMD’s Rob Petree that her symptoms were so bad she thought she might die…

Holly was given a flu test that eventually came back negative by her primary care doctor, who advised her to stay home, get rest, stay hydrated, and try to keep her fever down.

After self-isolating herself for a number of days, Holly said she felt like her life was ending after her symptoms hit a peak. “I felt like I was going to die, couldn’t breathe, was really hot, and had a fever.”

At that point Holly decided to go to the Emergency Room where she was questioned and recalled running into someone from Washington State, which at the time was experiencing an explosion of positive coronavirus cases.

“I went to the Emergency Room where I told them that I did in fact in my past have contact with somebody from Washington State,” Holly explained. “They proceeded to isolate me and send me for a coronavirus test.”

After waiting countless days for the test results to return from the Emergency Room, which she still has not receieved, Holly’s symptoms became unbearable and hit a peak. It was around that time that she heard from a friend that Beebe Healthcare in Lewes was performing drive-thru clinical testing.

On Saturday, Holly was tested at the drive-thru and, within the next few days, her symptoms started to subside.

Holly White tells WGMD’s Rob Petree that her symptoms have started to subside…

“I still have a few muscle aches whenever I move around and do stuff,” Holly said. “My lower back hurts, my legs hurt, and I have a cough that is not going away. Sometimes I cough up stuff and sometimes I don’t, it just depends.”

Holly said that for the most part her shortness of breath is gone and she can finally breathe much better; however, she’s not out of the woods yet and is anxious to learn the results of her recent testing which she expects to receive sometime in the next few days.

Over the course of her ordeal, Holly said she learned that she needed to fight to get answers as much is still unknown about the coronavirus and it has many similarities to both common cold and flu like symptoms.

“Fight for your test,” Holly said emphatically. “There’s something going on, I don’t know what it is, and I can’t figure it out. You need to fight for your test, and this needs to happen. We need to figure out how many people here really have it. We’re seeing new cases here every single day.”