Gilligan’s Waterfront Restaurant in Lewes to close, owner announces

Gilligan’s Waterfront Restaurant and Bar in Lewes is set to close, according to the owner who cited health concerns and family obligations but emphasized that the Milton location will remain open.

“It is with much sadness that I announce the closing of Gilligan’s in Lewes,” Cheryl Tilton, the owner, said in a Facebook post. “Because of health concerns and family obligations, I am unable to commit the time and energy needed to continue running the restaurant.”[0]=68.ARC5wiDIYYqY0L3P9ogUgZasAr8CJT0tRYQ6Kpq9XfXY-S5TO-ZbD2oZuO16uHXFowUpmdgVd3RK6fzBsAw-QUNGfD_tfQJVTkjJVyoM6fmqMeiQ5Mqhr0mxKo6kB_RoO5mWG5BkkzA0hj0tLhgYtijcEuiydHisuChRgQRXxeG_SlGIX-7ilpWyAjbfEQKLdbfazh4f8w0hJLVvbBjE6rgo_trZmHWUQ4Bh4S0pYfrSfVZZ-hqc3QZ41DIbfBdQQtVT2SoPIAJ6jIcvU7_ypvpeSHpm1nd02RnhBDg8o_Zib8sQzPKLL7gQmAzb8xDZ1zGErAXXls8Kq59YC0_5O8jHzw&__tn__=-R

For over 17 years the restaurant has been a mainstay in Lewes offering a fun atmosphere and variety of food items on its menu.

“I have had a wild ride over the past 17 1/2 years but it is now time for me to step back. I’ve met so many good people during this time – many of you becoming friends,” Tilton continued. “I want to thank you for the support and love you have given me and I will cherish the memories of my time spent with all of you.”

The announcement of the closure drew a wave of support for the owner and restaurant from the community online.

“We’ll miss Gilligan’s but family & health are more important,” one person wrote. “Well wishes to you & your family.”

Another person wrote, “So sorry to hear this. Gilligans was one of our favorite places and hate seeing it close.”

“Lewes won’t be the same without Gillian’s and your amazing crab cakes!,” one person said remembering the good times. “Sorry to hear about your health concerns. I’m sending prayers your way.”

Gilligan’s Bar and Grill in Milton remains open and is located at 200 Broadkill Road.

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