GOP Lawmaker Receives Democratic Ballot


A Delaware lawmaker says his own experience shows why he has concerns about Delaware’s new mail-in voting system.

State Representative Bryan Shupe, Republican of Milford, says he’s been a GOP registered voter for the last 15 years, but registered as a Democrat when he first became eligible to vote at age 18.

Shupe posted a video on Facebook displaying the ballot he received this year.

“When I received my ballot, as a Republican lawmaker, I received an official ballot from the State of Delaware September 15th, 2020, State Primary for the Democratic Primary,” Shupe said.

Tens of thousands of ballots have been mailed back for the primary, according to Delaware Elections Commissioner Anthony Albence. He says there are system checks that are designed to minimize problems, but applications were sent based on voter registration records.

Shupe also opposed vote by mail because of the $829,000-dollar cost. Federal COVID relief funds are paying for it, but Shupe believes the funding could have been better used somewhere else.