Gov. Carney Announces School Mask Requirement

Delaware students in grades k-through 12, and child care homes and centers will be required to wear a face covering while indoors starting next Monday.

Governor John Carney said Tuesday that the mask requirement is for everyone and is regardless of vaccination status and covers public and private schools. The requirement will be formalized later this week.

“There’s no higher priority than getting all Delaware children back in their classrooms full-time this fall,” Carney said. “This consistent, statewide approach will help students, educators and staff return to school safely and without disruption. Vaccination remains the best way to finally put an end to this pandemic. These COVID-19 vaccines are free, safe, and highly effective against COVID-19 infection and serious illness. If you haven’t gotten your vaccine, consider it. Talk to your doctor and your friends who have received their shot. That’s how we’ll keep students in classrooms and keep moving forward.”

Child care centers and homes are strongly encouraged to require masks for children two years old to kindergarten while inside their facilities. Children younger than two should not be wearing masks.

Also, Carney announced Tuesday that state employees and visitors to state facilities must wear masks indoors starting next Monday, also regardless of vaccination status.

Additional details were provided below from the Governor’s office:

As of Monday, August 9, 73.7 percent of Delaware adults, and 71.6 percent of those 12 and older, have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Visit find a free COVID-19 vaccination provider near you.

Governor Carney on Tuesday also formally extended the Public Health Emergency order in place to allow the State of Delaware and medical providers to continue COVID-19 vaccination and testing programs. Under Delaware law, Public Health Emergency declarations must be renewed every 30 days.

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