Gov Hogan Announces Arrival in Maryland of 500,000 Coronavirus Test Kits from South Korea


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced Operation Enduring Friendship – an effort between Maryland and the Republic of South Korea which has sent 500,000 test kits for coronavirus. The test kits arrived at BWI when the first-ever Korean plane arrived – full of test kits. Governor Hogan believes they will be ready for some recovery to begin soon. 

To date, Maryland has completed 71,000 tests for coronavirus and in order for the state to begin recovery – the primary need is the ability to do widespread testing and the arrival of the half-million test kits from South Korea will give Maryland the ability to do the needed increased testing. Governor Hogan hopes the testing will begin immediately, however there are other aspects to the testing program that still need to be procured.  

Comptroller Peter Franchot today released this statement regarding Governor Larry Hogan’s announcement on COVID-19 test kits.

“Today‘s announcement by Governor Hogan that Maryland has received 500,000 test kits from South Korea marks a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to save lives and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to salute Governor Hogan for his continued strong and steady leadership, and to our extraordinary First Lady, Yumi Hogan, for her intervention and involvement in securing these much-needed and life-saving test kits.
“The widespread use of testing conducted by the South Korean government has been cited as a chief catalyst for the sharp decline of infections in that country.
“Given the absence of a strong federal coordinated response, states have had to fill the void of national leadership. Fortunately here in Maryland, we have a governor who is relentless in fighting for the resources that we need to combat this pandemic effectively and to protect our citizens.
“As the state’s comptroller and as a Marylander, I want to congratulate and sincerely thank Governor Hogan, First Lady Yumi Hogan, and the entire Hogan Administration for their incredible leadership in this momentous effort.”