Gov. Hogan Directs MSP to Suspend ‘Good and Substantial Reason’ Standard for ‘Wear and Carry’ Permits


Governor Larry Hogan, R.-Md. has directed Maryland State Police to immediately suspend the “good and substantial reason” standard when applications for ‘wear and carry permits’ are considered.

Hogan released the following statement Tuesday:

Over the course of my administration, I have consistently supported the right of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms, while enacting responsible and common sense measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

‚ÄúLast month, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a provision in New York law pertaining to handgun permitting that is virtually indistinguishable from Maryland law. In light of the ruling and to ensure compliance with the Constitution, I am directing the Maryland State Police to immediately suspend utilization of the ‚Äėgood and substantial reason‚Äô standard when reviewing applications for Wear and Carry Permits. It would be unconstitutional to continue enforcing this provision in state law. There is no impact on other permitting requirements and protocols.

‚ÄúToday‚Äôs action is in line with actions taken in other states in response to the recent ruling.‚ÄĚ

House Minority Leader Jason Buckel, R-Allegany, released the following statement:

‚ÄúFor decades the members of the House Republican Caucus have supported and fought for the abolishment of the unconstitutional ‚Äėgood and substantial reason‚Äô standard in Maryland‚Äôs wear and carry permit law. We appreciate Governor Hogan stepping up and taking action to put Maryland into compliance with the Supreme Court‚Äôs decision.‚ÄĚ

Additional information from Maryland State Police:

he Maryland State Police Licensing Division is in the process of updating the Licensing Portal to reflect these changes. Until these updates are complete, applicants submitting a Wear and Carry Permit application are directed to select ‚ÄúPersonal Protection / Category Not Listed Above‚ÄĚ as their ‚ÄúHandgun Permit Category. Applicants are not required to attach documents to the ‚ÄúPERSONAL PROTECTION DOCUMENTATION‚ÄĚ section on the ‚ÄúUpload Documents‚ÄĚ page of the Wear and Carry Permit application.

The suspension of the ‚ÄúGood and Substantial Reason‚ÄĚ requirement does not change any other aspect of the MD Wear and Carry Permit. Applicants are still required to submit documentation of the required training and a Livescan fingerprint receipt. Additional documentation such as military service records or other documentation as requested may still be required to complete an applicant background investigation.‚Äč


‚ÄčOn June 1, 2022, Senate ‚ÄčBill 387 (Untrace‚Äčable Firearms) takes effect and adds Subtitle 7 to Title 5 of the Public Safety Article. This new law expands the definition of a firearm, restricts unfinished frames or receivers (commonly referred to as 80% lowers or ghost guns) until certain federal regulations are established, and requires a certain serial number or personal identification number to be affixed on privately made firearms and unfinished frames or receivers by a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) authorized to provide marking services by a certain date. Additional details and the final version of Senate Bill 387 can be found by clicking the following links:

‚ÄčFFLs providing marking services as per PS 5-703(B)(2)(II)(1)(A-C) are reminded that this is a gunsmithing service and that the imprinting of the State mandated personal identification number is not associated with the Licensee’s FFL number. The customer presenting the PMF or unfinished frame or receiver to the FFL, shall provide the FFL with the alphanumeric characters to imprint as per PS 5-703‚Äč. FFLs are advised that the personal identification number shall be imprinted on a single line in the following manner:

  • ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčPostal zip code of the current owner or person that made, completed, or initially assembled the firearm, followed by‚Äč
  • Initials of the current owner or person that made, completed, or initially assembled the firearm, followed by
  • A number that has not been used by the current owner or person that made, completed, or initially assembled the firearm on any other firearm that this person made, completed, or initially assembled.‚Äč‚Äč 

E‚Äč‚Äčxample of Personal Identification Number Format: 21208MSP001

A list of FFLs providing marking services can be found here: ‚ÄčFFL Marking Services‚ÄčApplicants wishing to register their privately made firearms and unfinished frames or receivers in accordance with PS 5-703‚Äč, please click the following link to the Licensing Portal‚Äč.Applicants will be required to provide the name and FFL number of the FFL who imprinted the State mandated personal identification number on the firearm that they are registering. Privately Made Firearm and Unfinished Frame or Receiver applicants can review step-by-step instructions on how to submit this type of application to the Licensing Portal by clicking the following link: PMF & Unfinished Frame or Receiver Instructions
New Federal Regulations take effect on August 24, 2022. On or after August 24, 2022, unmarked firearms presented to an FFL for marking services‚Äč will be required to be marked in accordance with the new federal regulations. 
Additional information and guidance will be forthcoming.

The Maryland State Police Licensing Division administers the provisions of the Annotated Code of Maryland and COMAR related to: the licensing and registration of firearms; handgun permits; security guards and agencies and other licensing functions as defined by statute or regulation. 

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