Gov John Carney Announces Raises for Delaware Teachers & Investments in Education


Gov John Carney at Stokes Elementary School in Dover. Announcing Education Investments for public education statewide

In advance of this week’s State of the State and next week’s budget release, Delaware Governor John Carney has announced significant investments in public education statewide. These investments will be included in the FY 2024 budget – and include a 3% raise for all working in public education and up to a 9% raise for teachers. Also an increase of $15-million to Opportunity Funding – to total $53-million. The goal is to recruit and retain the best teachers into Delaware schools – and this should help to even the playing field. Watch the Video on the Governor’s Facebook Page

Additional information from the State’s press release:

DE Secretary of Education, Dr. Mark Holodick discussing the Governor’s proposed education investments at Stokes Elementary School in Dover

“We are excited by the Governor’s plans to increase funding and classroom-based support for Delaware public schools,” said Dr. Mark Holodick, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education. “Combined with other resources that have been directed to schools during this administration, including Opportunity Funding and the Wilmington Learning Collaborative, resources for our English learners and economically disadvantaged students have positioned our schools to better meet the needs of all students. The investment in our teachers, those who work directly with our students and families, additionally demonstrates our state’s commitment to strengthen education. Increased teacher compensation positively impacts our ability to better retain highly effective educators while simultaneously puts our districts, charters schools, human resources directors and school leaders in a much better position to recruit top-notch educators. The timing of this plan is critical in that it is ahead of students graduating teacher prep programs this spring. The plan also dovetails nicely with the work of Delaware’s Public Education Compensation Committee (PECC), which not only focuses on compensation but also promotes the importance of teacher leadership and career paths that differ from our currently existing system and instead focus on recruiting the best novice teachers who can then grow in careers that include coaching, leadership and increased student achievement. All of this work highlights the direction in which our state is headed, and we are grateful for this administration’s thoughtful and forward-thinking proposals.”

“No one becomes a teacher to make a lot of money. We become teachers to make a difference. That said, Delaware’s teachers deserve to be paid a competitive wage,” said Senator Laura Sturgeon, a former educator. “While I am honored to serve on the Public Education Compensation Committee, I recognize the urgency with which we must address the teacher shortage. That’s why I am so glad to see that Governor Carney is taking this momentous step to increase educator pay in this year’s budget.”

“Educating our children is one of the most important jobs one could ever hold and we should pay educators a salary showing that we believe it is the most important job,” said Representative Kimberly Williams. “I look forward to our continued work on the Public Education Compensation Committee.”

“On behalf of Delaware educators, I want to thank Governor Carney for taking the first meaningful step toward elevating educator pay to a respectful and professional level” said DSEA President Stephanie Ingram. “This is what we have be asking for, and it is the first of many steps that need to be taken in order to achieve respectful and professional salaries for all educational employees.  There is much work to be done, but I know that together we can make it happen.”