Governor Carney Announces Phase 2 – to Begin in 2 Weeks


Governor John Carney began Tuesday’s coronavirus update talking about the riots and looting in the wake of the death of George Floyd – around the country – as well as in Delaware. He said violence is not the answer but the coronavirus has also laid bare the inequities in our society in communities of color and the lack of healthcare and employment and frustration.  He adds that the way to work through it is by working together. 

As he moved into coronavirus and the start of Phase 1 reopening which began Monday, he announced another reopening – of personal care services effective June 8th.  This includes hair salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, massage therapy services, nail care and similar services, which will be allowed 30% fire code occupancy limit – by appointment only.  There will be additional guidelines regarding personal protections as well. 

On June 15th Governor Carney announced that we will move into  Phase 2  reopening of the Delaware economy.  This will increase facilities and establishments that had a 30% occupancy in the first phase, to 60% occupancy of fire code for restaurants, arts & culture, convention centers and meeting facilities, retail and more.  Personal care services and gyms, however, will remain at 30% for now.  Indoor gathering limits will go to 50 people – with social distancing and face coverings required if social distancing isn’t possible.   Outdoor gatherings remain at 250 – with social distancing and face coverings to be worn when social distancing is not possible. 

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Division of Public Health Director, Dr. Karyl Rattay discussed face coverings and the amount of spray that is cut down by them.  As more people are able to gather – we’ll be doing more – like singing in church, acting on stage and just being with friends and going back to school. Face coverings will be needed more than ever as there is still no vaccine available for coronavirus. 

Testing is also on the increase with multiple locations in each county through the weeks. This week into next there will be a push into ten of Wilmington’s high rises.  Many living there are elderly, not able to get out to go for testing.  The hospitals are still actively testing as well, but as they begin to return to regular services that have been on hold for the past few months – the slack will need to be picked up by others.  Testing is for anyone who shows up and registers – symptomatic or asymptomatic – some of the testing is swab other testing is saliva-based.  You’ll find more information about testing at My Healthy Community.  Applications are still being taken for contact tracers which can also be found at My Healthy Community.