Governor Hogan Vetoes Numerous Bills, Including Handgun Board Repeal



On Friday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced he would allow the remainder of bills from the 2019 General Assembly session to become law without his signature, vetoing numerous measures, including several with direct impact for the Eastern Shore.

Notably, the Governor is vetoing a repeal of the Handgun Permit Review Board, saying he doesn’t believe it takes steps to improve public safety. When given an opportunity this year to adopt tougher sentences for repeat violent gun offenders, the legislature refused to act. However, abolishing the Handgun Permit Review Board is not a solution to violent crime problems. It is just another in a long series of politically-motivated and ill-conceived power grabs.” said Governor Hogan.

The Governor also vetoed fishery management legislation that would develop a package of consensus recommendations regarding the fishery management plan for oysters. “My administration strongly opposes secret backroom dealmaking that will endanger the State’s long-term oyster restoration efforts, especially at a time when we are just making measurable progress.” said Governor Hogan.

The Governor also vetoed legislation that would prevent employers from conducting criminal background checks on prospective employees, changes to tuition rates, state employee collective bargaining and Gubernatorial appointments.

As Democrats hold a supermajority in the General Assembly, a veto by the Governor will not prevent the pieces of legislation from becoming law. Democrats are expected to override the Governor’s vetoes.