Gray Seal Pup Rescued, Rehabilitated, Released


As spring begins, Lewes-based Marine Education Research and Rehabilitation Institute has been responding to several seal rescues.

A gray seal pup was found on the South Bethany Beach over the weekend and was determined to be under-nourished. After receiving treatment, the pup named Maxwell was released at a beach along Delaware Bay.

“This young seal had recently been weaned by its mother and was determined to be underweight, indicating that it wasn’t adjusting to proper feeding,” MERR Institute said in a statement.

According to the MERR Institute, seals often come out of the water to rest during this time of year. The stranding response team helped seven seals over a five-day period.

Visitors who see a seal are asked to contact the MERR Institute at 302.228.5029, but should not get close to a seal or marine life they may encounter at the beach.