H2Oi organizer sounds off on media, OC, and event

A statement from the H2O International event organizer:
“This must be reprinted in full, otherwise you DO NOT have my permission to use any part.

For the record

H2O International has absolutely nothing to do with Ocean City, MD and whatever happens in Ocean City during the week(end) is beyond anyone’s control. Can you control all of those who caused all of the rioting several times on the boardwalk? Who is to blame for that? Can you control who drinks at all of the bars and decides to drive afterwards? Who gets that blame? Much like H2Oi cannot be held responsible for those who want to act like a rock star while staying in OC around the time H2Oi is being held outside of Ocean City’s city limits!

I encourage you to take a poll on all of those who get pulled over and ticketed or arrested etc… – 1. Have you ever been to H2Oi? 2. Do you plan on attending H2Oi? 3. Do you have anything to do with the VW/Audi community!? Because ALL of the pics that are posted on all media coverage are NOT VW or Audi. Ironic?

H2O International is one of the largest VW/Audi events in the world… and is one of the best produced events of its kind! If the President of Cruisers or whomever thinks that H2Oi gives car shows a bad name, they should step back and take a long hard look at the world around us… First off, you don’t know me and you clearly do not understand what my events stand for, so I would ask you to kindly to leave my name and my event names out of your mouth(s). Oh, and take a look at the stats – Spring Cruisers was far worse than H2Oi. How about we compare stats vs stats – true stats that include all events – Bike Week, Senior Week, etc…! How about economic impact?

I am tired of the constant negative media coverage, don’t you have something better to write about? Or perhaps contact me directly and ask me what this is all about… or maybe I post up all of the pics/videos of the “Cruisers” doing burnouts while OCPD sits in an alley watching for over 45 minutes as crowds gather on coastal highway and pour water on the road and encourage each driver to do a burnout. Safe right? Or how about the “Outlaw Bikers” who invade this “Family Resort”.

I have been building H2O International for over 20 years, 18 of which have been in Worcester County! Surprise!!! Guess what, it’s no secret! As a favor to Ocean City, the Mayor and Council of OC and the OCPD – I moved my event up one week after Sunfest, which has proven to be a poor decision, based off the weather but I did it to help the local community – this is my home as well! I am the one you’ll see at the local supermarket, grabbing a drink/snack at the convenient stores and I am the one who still buys meals at your establishments…

To those who think the event is in Ocean City, MD, you are sadly mistaken – Have you ever been to the event? Have you ever contacted the Maryland State Police or the State Highway Administration and asked them how the event is ran and how smoothly things go? Don’t ask the OC Mayor or City Council or the Ocean City Police Chief because they won’t know, they have never been to H2O International. I have pushed out every PSA that the OCPD has requested and even posted a stern request that I don’t want you and OC doesn’t want you if you are here to cause problems and disrespect the surrounding area!

We are a community of tens of thousands, that go back several generations… We are family! We look forward to being together every year, when it is next to impossible to get everyone in one place, throughout the year because life gets too busy – but we know, everyone we wish to see will be at H2Oi! Clearly, come hell or high water! So I invite anyone, who questions it – come out and spend the weekend with us… you’ll watch grown men hug each other and tell each other that we love and cherish their friendship – you’ll watch the wives and girlfriends do whatever they can, knowing how important this weekend is for such a loyal community and family and you’ll watch the children grow up knowing they are loved and protected!

Media coverage for H2Oi is World Wide – not locally, not regionally, not strictly in the USA… it is WORLDWIDE! My dumb face was even on the cover of a major German Magazine and in numerous other European and Asian magazines. All of this is FREE of charge to OC – do you not want the exposure? How about a thank you, instead of a F**K You! I have reached more people around the globe, promoting this resort, than any “local or regional marketing” could have ever dreamed of… FREE of any marketing dollars from OC’s budget. (which, by the way – you’re marketing team is horrible and is just taking your money) You’re Welcome! Instead I get the constant negativity and I am tired of it…!

Here are a few more things you may not know…

I have offered to pay for more law enforcement in OC and the surrounding area!

I have offered to pay for the overtime of the street sweeper in OC!

I have had extra crews in OC doing cleanup!

I hire between 6-8 Maryland State Troopers, both days for the event!

I hire Atlantic Traffic Safety to work closely with State Highway to ensure the safety of my patrons and they do an amazing job, along with the troopers!

I have offered to donate to OCPD!

I can go on and on…

Yet, H2O International has absolutely NOTHING to do with OCMD.

I can point out the numerous charitable donations, over $10,000+ nationally and the local donations, one of which was over $6500 to Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. I am not doing this for notoriety and clearly not for fortune – I do it because I love this community and what it stands for – Loyalty and Family, all brought together by VW/Audi.

To those who want to constantly complain and to the media who continue to post/print negative compositions, not knowing all the facts, shame on you! I am offended by the amount of traffic every weekend in the summer – who do I blame for that? I am offended by the nauseous fumes of the Cruisers – who do I blame? I am offended by the constant push of alcohol in print/radio etc – who do I blame? I am offended by the constant jet noise and sonic booms during airshow week, that scares my dog to the point where she’s huddled in the corner – who do I blame? I am offended that young teenagers can party with college sophomores in the under 21 clubs – who do I blame? I can go on and on, but the point is, I am not going to blame anyone because I believe we all need to live and let live – get a life and enjoy it! Stop complaining about every little thing that annoys you! Is your life that sad? Positivity is key – try it sometime, you may be surprised how your life changes!

FAKE NEWS! I ask you to kindly leave the H2O International (H2Oi) name out of your slanderous, defamatory, libelous comments and ignorant misinformed reporting. How can you blame H2Oi for a couple of thug drug dealers who were driving a Chevy Malibu? Oh, because they were young and in OC at the time? Or claim the “poster child” for H2Oi who acted like a fool and brandished a fake gun. Shame on you for bringing my event into this… it was a local who had NOTHING to do with H2Oi. How about we blame “Cruisers” for the deaths during their week? H2Oi was not and is not the problem and there were no “participants” for 2017 – how can you have participants to an event that didn’t happen!? H2O International 2017 dates were NEVER promoted ANYWHERE!!!! And 2018 dates are not being promoted anywhere either! Just like the country music festival or hotel in Vegas couldn’t control the worst mass shooting on domestic soil, I cannot control who chooses to come and stay in OC nor can I control their behavior and neither can you! The ONLY place OFFICIAL information is EVER posted is on www.h2oi.com, instagram @h2oi or FB @H2OInternational.

I was only ever invited to 2 “Ocean City meetings”, in the 18 years that H2Oi has been on the eastern shore and I gladly attended both. The Mayor called me the “elusive one” saying that I was hard to get in touch with but truth be told, I was only ever invited twice and that was years ago… I encouraged tougher enforcement, I encouraged zero tolerance policies and I made it clear that I can provide vast knowledge of the community that attends my events. I haven’t been contacted to assist for YEARS!

How about you embrace my clientele, the loyal VW/Audi community, not the idiots who cause problems…? How about a small thank you for coming to OC on an otherwise “dead” weekend. They have to stay somewhere, they have to eat somewhere, they will need gas, snacks, some will wish to have a few drinks at the 5000 bars and restaurants OR I can tell them that Ocean City, MD does NOT welcome them and you can close up your shops, as per usual around this time of year…? Which would you prefer? I don’t have to tell anyone how the economy is driven locally, but if you truly need an explanation, I would be happy to point out that you are living in a resort town, not a retirement town and we rely on special events and the almighty tourist dollar! Let’s do the math quick – 100,000 people (which is a low guesstimate) x $100 per day (again another low guesstimate) – 100,000 x $100 = $10 Million! Per day!

“H2Oi is not the problem…” quoted from elected officials, police, and business owners – yet they’re all too cowardly to stand up and speak the truth… They ALL say “Ocean City, Maryland is failing as a whole and if you think it still boasts a “Family Atmosphere” you must be dreaming…”

Just remember “A lie gets halfway around the world, before the truth has a chance to get its pants on…” – Winston Churchill. My pants are on and I will not sit back and allow my 20 years of hard work be tarnished by others who are misinformed.

 Stay tuned for multiple events coming to a town near you!

Stay safe and enjoy those tourist dollars!


H2O International (H2Oi) – The Actual Event that is NOT and never has been held inside the city limits of OCMD!”