Harris, Blunt Rochester Discuss Impeachment Vote


The vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump carried on without the presence of Maryland Congressman Andy Harris, who represents the Eastern Shore.

Harris, MD, said in a statement that he spent his time caring for patients. He called the actions of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “divisive, hastily called and politically motivated.”

Harris went on to say that in light of President-elect Biden’s calls for unity, he should disavow the impeachment action when he takes office.

Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester voted in favor of impeachment Wednesday. She said in a statement that she has long believed Donald Trump is unfit for office, but the attack on the US Capitol January 6th “displayed that he represents a clear and present danger.” She continued: “his actions were so egregious and dangerous they demand the most serious response afforded to the Congress under our Constitution, delivered as swiftly as possible.”