UPDATED: Heavy Police Presence Brings Calmer Weekend in Ocean City During Pop-Up Event


UPDATED – 09/27/21 11:25am – The unsanctioned popup rally weekend in Ocean City was much quieter than 2020 according to preliminary numbers from the Ocean City Police Department. From Thursday through Sunday police responded to 1807 calls for service – compared to 2802 in 2020. Police made 986 traffic stops (with the most made on Friday) compared to 1218 last year. Police made 101 tows compared to 368 in 2020 and 53 were cited for exhibition driving this past weekend – 123 in 2020. Overall 134 were arrested – which includes 2 charged with drug offenses, 12 found with weapons and 11 charged with DUI. In 2020 there were 277 arrests with 10 charged for drugs, 23 on weapons offenses and 6 charged with DUI.

Information provided by OCPD


Ocean City and area police have been kept busy this weekend with the unsanctioned popup car rally.  Police and city officials warned that the special event zone would be strongly enforced and resort spokeswoman Jessica Waters tells WGMD that from Thursday and Friday police have made 666 traffic stops, 101 tows and 85 arrests or criminal citations.  There was more activity Saturday and the police department bulletin shows another 64 arrests – however they may not all be from rally-goers.   Police Chief Ross Buzzuro released this statement on Facebook Saturday morning –

The number of spectators also increased Saturday, but because of the massive police presence many rally-participants have kept their cars parked – or they have already been impounded.