Hogan Calls For Schools To Resume Hybrid Instruction By Mar. 1st


Governor Larry Hogan has called upon all Maryland school systems to implement hybrid instruction by March 1st.

While such decisions lie at the local level, Hogan Thursday highlighted studies that indicate in-person instruction can be carried out in a safe way during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Governor and Education Secretary Dr. Karen Salmon have also asked the Maryland State Education Association to get behind the effort to get more students back into schools.

“Every single Maryland student must have at least the opportunity to return to attending school in some form or fashion,” Hogan said. “Our children simply cannot afford any more endless roadblocks, or any more moving of the goalposts. The time has come to get all of our kids back in the classroom, and to open the schools.”

Hogan also hinted at what some other states have done to discipline teachers who are not willing to go back into the classroom.

“There’s nobody who wants to go back to school more than our educators and work with our students, but we have to do that in a healthy and safe environment…Threats are never a good option,” MSEA President Cheryl Bost said.

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza of the Eastern Shore welcomed the Governor’s action.

“This call for our schools to return to in-person hybrid instruction by the beginning of March, if not sooner, is outstanding news, and I know it can be done safely and effectively,” Carozza said after looking at revised guidelines. “I have heard from countless parents and guardians in my district who would like to see their children back in a classroom so they may receive the best education possible. I also agree that based on the science, there is no public health reason to keep students out of schools. It is past time for our students to return safely to in-person learning.”