Hogan Lifts 10 P.M. Curfew On Bars, Restaurants


Maryland restaurants and bars will be able to resume late-night hours starting Monday.

Governor Larry Hogan Thursday issued an emergency order to lift the restriction under the pandemic that has required establishments to close at 10 p.m. Hogan said improving metrics, the availability of vaccines and the post-holiday surge seemingly fading are the reasons for the action.

“With our data trends showing continued improvement, the holiday surges behind us, and the increasing speed of vaccinations, we are now able to take this step,” Hogan said. “Marylanders must continue to remain cautious and vigilant in order to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe and healthy.”

An order that limits restaurants to 50-percent of capacity remains in effect.

Hogan also highlighted the availability of an additional $30-million in Maryland’s relief program for food service establishments, in addition to $50-million allocated in October. To apply or to find out more information, please CLICK HERE