Hogan Signs RELIEF Act Into Law


Emergency legislation has been signed into law in Maryland that directs more than a billion dollars in tax relief and economic stimulus toward families that are struggling, small businesses, and Marylanders who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Larry Hogan signed the RELIEF Act of 2021 Monday, several weeks after he introduced it and days after it was passed by the General Assembly.

The relief package also contains expanded tax relief for families through the Earned Income Tax Credit. Small businesses are also protected against any sudden or substantial increase in their unemployment taxes.

“We still face a long and difficult winter ahead, and many Marylanders are still in need, but our vaccination rate is rising every day. As we get more shots into the arms of our most vulnerable citizens and all of our key health metrics are continuing to decline, and now with this RELIEF Act being signed into law, even more tax relief and economic stimulus help is on the way for our struggling families and small businesses,” Hogan said.