Hogan Vetoes Bill to Block Life Sentences For Juveniles


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has vetoed legislation that would have prohibited a court from sentencing a juvenile convicted as an adult to life without parole.

Hogan said in his veto message Thursday that while he is a believer in second chances, the legislation relates to juveniles who have been convicted of serious crimes including murder, rape, manslaughter or certain firearms offenses that result in them being charged as adults.

Hogan also said another part of the bill (SB 494) creates a duplicative and unnecessary process for seeking a new sentence.

The Governor’s office also announced these legislative actions:

Veto: HB37/SB35 – Procurement – Prevailing Wage – Applicability
“By applying the state’s prevailing wage law to a greater number of public works projects, this legislation will generate unintended and negative consequences for employers and workers,” writes the governor. “Legislation such as this that arbitrarily inflates cost, impedes participation, and stifles competition—all at a higher price for taxpayers—absolutely is not in the best interest of our state.” Read the veto message. 

Legislation to Take Effect Without Signature. The governor has notified the House and the Senate that the following measures will take effect without signature:

  • HB590 â€“ Capital Budget
  • HB745 â€“ Election Law â€“ Early Voting Centers
  • SB433 â€“ Institutions of Higher Education â€“ State Funding â€“ Revision
  • HB907/SB817 â€“ Unemployment Insurance â€“ Study on System Reforms
  • HB908/SB816 â€“ Unemployment Insurance â€“ Employer Contributions and Reimbursement Payments
  • HB1002 â€“ Unemployment â€“ Insurance Revisions and Special Enrollment Period for Health Benefits
  • HB1138/SB818 â€“ Unemployment Insurance – Maryland Department of Labor – Accountability and Oversight
  • HB1139/SB819 â€“ Unemployment Insurance – Weekly Benefit Amount – Income Disregard
  • HB1143/SB771 â€“ Unemployment Insurance â€“ Work Sharing
  • SB683 â€“ Election Law â€“ Voting â€“ Permanent Absentee Ballot List, Ballot Drop Boxes, and Reports (Letter)
  • SB893 â€“ Unemployment â€“ Insurance Revisions and Special Enrollment Period for Health Benefits