UPDATE: House Bill 348 Signed–Addresses Requirements Pertaining to Lifeguards at Pools


Update: Governor John Carney signed House Bill 348, which is now in effect as of May 23rd–the date of the Governor’s signature.

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House Bill 348 sponsored by State Representative Pete Schwartzkopf has passed the Delaware Senate. The Act removes the requirement for a lifeguard at a pool exclusively serving a residential or apartment community not accessible to the general public. Under existing law, a lifeguard is not required at a hotel, motel, or campground. A lifeguard is not required in a family community when the pool is or will ultimately be owned by residents. Requiring a lifeguard at a pool that is not accessible to the public increases the cost for private communities which must be passed on to tenants in the form of higher rent. This legislation aligns the statutory and regulatory requirements so that the lifeguard requirement in a rental community is the same as for a single-family residential community, hotel, motel, and campground. The bill is ready for action from the Governor. The measure takes effect upon being signed into law.