House guests rob a vacationing Seaford man


Ben Franklin once said, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after 3 days.” One Seaford man is learning that the hard way.

The man went out of town for a couple weeks, and decided to let Marissa Schurman of Milford stay in his house. Schurman, in turn, invited her boyfriend, Roland Wainwright of Frederica, to take up residence as well.

Over the following weeks, Wainwright stole 6 guns and numerous tools from the residence, pawning most of the items. Wainwright also selling one colt .38 revolver to Marc Johnson, a Milford teen.

The crime spree was interrupted when the man returned home. Delaware State Police arresting Schurman, charging her with 6 counts of theft of a firearm, Wainwright received additional charges of selling stolen property, and Johnson booked for receiving stolen firearm.

Schurman was released on an unsecured bond; Wainwright and Johnson both remain in custody at Vaughn Correctional Center.