In Memoriam: Dan Kramer, Government Watchdog


Elected officials who encountered him will not soon forget him.

Dan Kramer, a government watchdog who spoke up frequently at meetings of Sussex County Council, has died. His wife told the Delaware State News Kramer had been hospitalized since early August, and died after a short illness.

“My name is Dan Kramer. Here we go again… you guys just don’t get it,” Kramer said as he opened his comments at one meeting several years ago.

“You’re a bunch of dang turkeys, and you’ll always be a bunch of dang turkeys,” Kramer continued.

Despite the sometimes harsh treatment, Sussex County Council President Michael Vincent said Kramer seemed to have a ‘calling.’

Kramer also filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests with Sussex County and the Woodbridge School District. Superintendent Heath Chasanov says having Kramer looking on made him better at his job.