Indian River Inlet Bridge, DE Memorial Bridge, in Top 100 most Iconic Bridges in America, Finds Survey


Iconic bridges in America’s landscape connect destinations as well as offer breathtaking views—something that can transform any mundane commute into an inspiring journey. Gunther Volkswagen Fort Lauderdale posed a hypothetical question to 3,000 commuters nationwide: If you could select any one of America’s iconic bridges to be part of your daily commute, which one would you pick? The survey revealed some anticipated favorites along with a couple of surprises. Delaware had two bridges ranked in the top 100 most iconic bridges in America as voted by commuters:

• Ranked # 43–The Indian River Inlet Bridge: This cable-stayed bridge offers picturesque views of the Indian River Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

• At # 59–Delaware Memorial Bridge: Connecting Delaware and New Jersey over the Delaware River, this suspension bridge offers expansive views of the river and surrounding areas.

The Admiral Clarey Bridge in Hawaii was the top choice.

Source: America’s Top 100 Landmark Bridges for Scenic Commutes (