Indian River School District Awarded Reimagining Professional Learning Grant


The Indian River School District has been awarded Delaware’s prestigious Reimagining Professional Learning Grant. The math content specialists behind this achievement were:

• James Wheatley, Secondary Math Specialist;

• Carla Costa, Instructional Coach; and

• Jilian Whaley, Elementary Math Specialist.

The IRSD is proud of their math content specialists and the entire educational community for their dedication to creating a brighter future for their students–stating that together, they will continue to nurture a passion for learning and foster academic excellence. The IRSD adds that the three individuals pictured below form an incredible team that is driving positive change in the district’s math pedagogy and professional learning.

This year, the IRSD elementary and secondary mathematics teams have been granted more than $650,000. According to the district, funds will empower educators to innovate, collaborate and provide the best learning experiences for their students.

From left, Jimmy Wheatley, Jilian Whaley and Carla Costa.