James T. Vaughn Inmates Sue Officers, Alleging Abuse


Nine inmates charged in the death of a Delaware correctional officer’s murder during the 2017 prison riot at James T. Vaughn Correction Institution are now suing correctional officials, alleging they were abused.

Following the 18-hour standoff, Officer Steven Floyd was found dead. Media reports indicate that inmate Dwayne Stats said he had organized the uprising. Stats has now filed the federal lawsuit with eight fellow inmates claiming the prisoners were “physically, mentally and emotionally” abused by those in charge of the state’s prisons. The 9 inmates involved in the suit weren’t permitted to be part of a similar class-action lawsuit filed by inmates not charged with the riot or Floyd’s death.

The new lawsuit specifically claims that officers unnecessarily beat the defendants after the building was reclaimed following the riot. They also allege they were denied medical care for months. Additionally, the inmates accused correctional officers of disposing of their personal belongings.