John Atkins Sentenced

John Atkins was in court this morning for sentencing after three arrests on domestic assault issues.  He has been at the Vaughn Correctional Center since the end of July and was unshaven and wearing prison orange with his hands and feet shackled.  The former 41st District Representative pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges – three of them amended from felony to misdemeanor.  He faced up to a year in prison for each charge.    Judge Paul Wallace sentenced Atkins to a year in prison, suspended for level 4 home confinement until a level 3 GPS is available, which he will wear for a year.  He is also prohibited to own any weapons for a period of five years and will undergo a mental health evaluation.   Judge Wallace also told Atkins to avoid anyplace where the victim may be.  If he violates his sentence he could be back in prison.

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