Judge: Auditor McGuiness Cannot Use Taxpayer Funds For Costly Private Attorney


Delaware taxpayers will not have to foot the bill if indicted State Auditor Kathy McGuiness wants to retain her high-priced attorney, according to a Superior Court Judge’s opinion Thursday.

McGuiness was indicted October 11th on several charges related to her office. She pled not guilty and maintains she is innocent of all charges.

On October 14th, McGuiness petitioned through her attorney Steven Wood Esq. to have him appointed as her private counsel and that he and his law firm be compensated at state expense. Wood began to represent McGuiness on these legal matters about one month before the indictment.

The stated hourly rate is $550.

In such a case, an elected official could be represented by the Department of Justice, but since the Attorney General’s Office brought the case McGuiness could not be represented by a Deputy AG.

President Judge Jan Jurden said in the opinion that McGuiness may be represented by the Office of Defense Services.

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