Summer is the time for the best outdoor cooking, so it is no surprise July is National Grilling Month. What better way to celebrate summer break from school, summer vacations at the beach, in the mountains, or your own back yard!

Food has been cooked over flame since the domestication of fire. However according to the Food Network – the grilling done in the backyard came about in the 1940s after World War II. Before the war – grilling mainly occurred at campsites and picnics. As the population moved to the ‘burbs, grilling in the backyard became popular and was “all the rage” by the ’50s.

You can cook just about anything on a grill – from burgers to watermelon! But remember to do it right!! Keep your grill clean and ALWAYS preheat and while you’re grilling – monitor your grill – don’t leave it unattended. When you’re finished grilling – remember to put out the fire completely.

Don’t let improperly prepared food ruin your summer. Use these grilling tips keep you grilling and enjoying the beautiful weather all season long.

  • Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer when clean water isn’t readily available where you are grilling.
  • Keep food cold until you are ready to put them on the grill. Letting them sit allows bacteria to grow.
  • Don’t mix raw and cooked foods. Keep raw foods separate from each other. Once cooked, use a clean dish to place your final masterpiece. The bacteria from the raw food will contaminate the freshly cooked meal.
  • Keep hot food warm to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit until ready to be placed in a cooler with ice or refrigerator to prevent bacteria growth. For salads and cold foods, keep them chilled on ice.

OBSERVING National Grilling Month

Invite some friends over and throw something delicious on the grill. Be sure to have some cold beverages and play some upbeat music. The weather is fine!

But don’t confuse National Grilling Month with National Barbecue Month – which is May! That deals with the recipe for barbecue!

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