La Quetzalteca restaurant in Georgetown closed for roaches, rodent droppings, and other food safety hazards

La Quetzalteca Mexican Restaurant in Georgetown, Delaware

La Quetzalteca restaurant in Georgetown has been closed for gross unsanitary conditions following a complaint that led to the discovery of roaches, large rodent droppings, and numerous food safety hazards.

Following a complaint, inspectors with the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Office of Food Protection ordered the immediate closure of the restaurant last week after a series of food safety violations were found during an inspection.

Large rodent droppings were spotted in the water heater room, according to the report, along with dead roaches in the bar and dry storage room.

Numerous ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous, foods were not dated and properly marked in the walkin, inspectors noticed, along with raw pork that was stored over produce in the walkin cooler.

During the inspection, children were observed in the kitchen and a stuffed animal/toy was spotted resting on top of a plate.

Trash dumpster lids were not shut and two doors were improperly ‘pest-proofed’ allowing for easy access by rodents and insects, according to the report. Numerous holes and crevices were also observed throughout the restaurant which inspectors say could be harboring areas for pests.

The restaurant did not have a certified food protection manager, the inspection report stated. Employees in the kitchen were spotted working without hair nets, and staff failed to demonstrate proper food safety knowledge during the inspection.

Due to the numerous violations observed during the inspection, the restaurant has been closed until further notice.

WGMD News reached out to management in an attempt to contact the owners who have yet to respond to a request for comment.