Laurel Police Touched By Theft Victim’s Loss


Two men are charged in connection with a stolen vehicle investigation during which a precious memento went missing.

Laurel Police were advised October 23rd that a 66-year-old woman’s pick-up truck was swiped while she was shopping. Her late husband’s Vietnam veteran hat was inside. The woman said it appeared one of the suspects was wearing her late husband’s hat.

The stolen vehicle was found later that day in a residential neighborhood. An investigation led to the identity of two suspects.

According to Laurel Police, their officers as well as Salisbury Police tried to find the missing hat, but it was not located.

Laurel patrol officers, however, obtained a duplicate Vietnam War Air Force Veteran hat and presented it to the woman. Also, a Laurel Police officer who served in the Marines contributed a retired American flag that was once flown by American troops in Afghanistan.