UPDATED: Dr. Bradley Layfield’s Proposed Termination Hearing is Now Closed


UPDATED – 03/04/24 – The February 15th administrative hearing for suspended principal of Sussex Central High School, Dr. Bradley Layfield, is now closed. All evidence in Layfield’s case has now been argued and the case submitted today to retired Superior Court Judge William Carpenter. Layfield’s attorney, Thomas Neuberger, says the 22,500 word closing argument exhaustively analyzes all the evidence in the case. It’s not known when Judge Carpenter will issue his opinion on the termination of Layfield.


UPDATED – 2/15/24 – Dr. Bradley Layfield did not testify during his public hearing on his proposed termination as the principal at Sussex Central High School. The public hearing was held at the CHEER Center in Georgetown and lasted nearly five hours as the attorney for the Indian River School District James McMackin brought 10 witnesses to testify – including School District Superintendent Jay Owens. Layfield was placed on administrative leave in May of 2023 after he was accused of creating a meme from video surveillance footage of a student whose breast was exposed during an incident in the school hallway. In November Layfield was fired – however his contract does not expire until June 30th of this year. While a meme that was created from the incident reflecting the Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction has been set aside by both attorneys as it shows no nudity, video of the incident has become front and center. Layfield’s attorney Thomas Neuberger says the video was used properly – for safety and identification purposes. However McMackin brought several witnesses who say they were shown the video for entertainment.

Neuberger tells the Talk of Delmarva that it will be at least two weeks before retired Judge William Carpenter renders his decision which will go to the Indian River School Board for their review on termination.


A motion by Sussex Central High School and the Indian River School District to dismiss a complaint from former student Aniya Harmon has been reviewed and granted by Superior Court Judge Calvin Scott.

In May of 2023 Sussex Central HS principal Bradley Layfield was placed on administrative leave for reasons not determined by the Indian River School District. Just a day or so later it was learned that the Delaware State Police were conducting a criminal investigation following an incident at Sussex Central. Then last November it was announced that Layfield had been fired by the Indian River School Board. After his firing, the plaintiff’s attorney Emeka Igwe of the Igwe Firm issued a statement saying that “Ms Harmon and her family would like to see criminal charges for those responsible.”

A meme of the student’s exposed breast (but with Janet Jackson’s face) after she was pulled away from a dispute between two other students by the Assistant Principal, was created and allegedly circulated through faculty and staff. Layfield maintains that the video surveillance of the fight was shown to other administrators and teachers for safety purposes. Layfield was not charged with creating or circulating the meme. Layfield’s attorney, Thomas Neuberger stated in November that “the firing violated Layfield’s federal constitutional rights to due process and that the alleged reasons are vague, overbroad and undefined.”

In his analysis Judge Scott said that, “Because this case does not allege a crime, the act is not criminal.” And he stated, “For the foregoing reasons, District Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss is GRANTED.”

According to a report in the Daily State News a school board discharge hearing is set for February 15th before retired Superior Court Judge William Carpenter at a venue not yet decided in Sussex County.