Lawsuit Promised To Challenge Md. General Assembly-Approved Congressional Maps


“Aggressive legal action” is being planned against a Congressional redistricting map passed by the Maryland General Assembly.

Fair Maps Maryland describes itself as a nonpartisan grass roots organization. Spokesman Doug Mayer said the General Assembly ignored the will of the overwhelming majority of Marylanders and is violating state and federal law.

The maps have also been criticized by Governor Larry Hogan, who appointed a citizens commission early this year that held numerous public hearings to develop its version of how congressional districts should look for the 2022 elections.

The first district, currently represented by Republican Andy Harris, would be reshaped to incorporate parts of Anne Arundel County across Chesapeake Bay from the Eastern Shore.

“It’s a sad day in Maryland. The General Assembly has ignored the will of the overwhelming majority of Marylanders, and they are violating state and federal law,” Mayer said. “We look forward to seeing Governor Hogan veto this ridiculous and unconstitutional map as soon as possible. Make no mistake—this level of gerrymandering is voter suppression. As a consequence of the legislature’s actions, we have been forced to obtain legal counsel and are currently exploring suits on both the state and federal levels that will prosecute the obvious Voting Rights Act and many other illegal partisan gerrymandering violations.”

“If President Biden’s Department of Justice can sue Texas over accusations of denying voting rights to minorities, then the people of Maryland deserve to have their case heard in court as well. The legislature may have temporarily achieved their partisan goal today, but we can assure them that the courts will have the final say on this matter. We’ve not yet begun to fight.”