Legislation Introduced for Early Voting & Other Election Issues in Delaware


Legislation has been introduced in Dover that would establish early voting in Delaware.  House Bill 38 would allow registered voters to vote in-person during at least 10 days before an election at locations – at least one in each county – determined by the State Election Commissioner.  This would start in 2022.

Legislation has also been introduced that would allow for Election Day registration for presidential primary, primary, special and general elections.  Currently the deadline to register is the 4th Saturday before the date of the election.  To register on the day of an election – you would need a valid government issued identification or other generally accepted proof of ID.  (HB 39)

HB 41 would move the date of Delaware’s primary elections for statewide, county and municipal office to the 4th Tuesday in April – which is the date of the presidential primary – and all other dates for submitting and withdrawing notification of candidacy would be adjusted accordingly.