Lewes Beaches Will Not Be Guarded This Summer


Savannah Beach and Johnnie Walker Beach in Lewes will be ‘swim at your own risk’ this summer season.
The City of Lewes announced Thursday that it had not been able to recruit enough lifeguards to safely protect the beaches.
Lewes Parks and Marina Director Janet Reeves told WGMD News that the longtime captain also recently left for a new position.

“Typically, we have about ten lifeguards between the two beaches, plus the captain. We only had less than 50% of applicants,” Reeves said. She added that a couple of previous lifeguards wanted to return, but other candidates had no lifeguard experience.

Reeves said signs will be posted to indicate that the beaches will be unguarded.

The timing comes less than three weeks before Memorial Day, a time when more and more visitors will be coming to Lewes.

“I think it certainly will be an adjustment for people, particularly those that enjoy Savannah Beach and Johnnie Walker beach,” Reeves said. “We’re going to do our best to get that signage out there.”

Why is there such a challenge to find lifeguards?

“I think part of that issue is, I think the lifeguards like to work on the ocean side. It’s kind of a little bit more exciting.”