Lewes Invites Views On City Parking Issues

Some have described parking at the beaches as ‘the Wild, Wild West.’

That includes Lewes, which has begun a virtual public workshop on beach-related parking issues.

A parking permit process is under consideration. The city is attempting to develop a solution that is fair and equitable to residents, business people and visitors.

Something needs to be done, according to Lewes City Councilman Khalil Saliba.

“Nobody really knows where to park. There are a few streets with No Parking signs. It’s become more than anything a safety issue for the community as well as the people who come to the beach and visit,” Saliba told WGMD’s M.J. Powell this week.

The city hosted a Zoom session January 18th to explore parking concerns and possible solutions. Residents and visitors with a viewpoint about parking in Lewes are invited to fill out a questionnaire at the city’s website before this Friday.

To access the City of Lewes online parking survey, please CLICK HERE

“How many people can we really absorb and accommodate on the beaches is a key question,” Saliba added. “I think once we get our head around that, we’ll have a better idea of how many parking spots we actually need.”