Lewes resident raises concerns over late night partying on the bike trail

Georgetown/Lewes Trail – WGMD’s Rob Petree

A Lewes resident is raising concerns over people using the bike trail as a party spot, riding dirt bikes up and down the trail, leaving trash behind, and distrupting those who live nearby.

JoAnn Elliott’s home sits in Nassau station about 30 feet from the trail. She’s hoping something can be done to deter the disruptions which reached a peak Friday night when she heard what she described as motorcycles.

“There was motorcycles back there and woman yelling and screaming, not for help but in a party-mode,” Elliott explained. “I’ve found bottles and trash up to my yard.”

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, JoAnn Elliott explains…

On a given day she can clearly hear conversations from those on the trail, almost as if they were sitting on her back porch.

“I can sit on my deck and clearly hear conversations,” Elliott said. “My biggest concern is just people back there at night who shouldn’t be back there.”

WGMD News reached out to the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) who maintains parts of the trail.

“We do pick up trash, however the other issues would need to be addressed by
law enforcement,” DelDOT spokesman C.R. McLeod explained.

Following the incident, Elliott reached out to police to make them aware of what happened.

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