Classic Radio Theater with Wyatt Cox features great radio programs that warmed the hearts of millions for the better part of the 20th century. Host Wyatt Cox brings the best of old radio classics back to life with the passion of a longtime (as in more than half a century) fan. We’re talking about shows like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Suspense, Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee and Molly, X Minus One, and many more that decades later still create great entertaining theater of the mind. Classic Radio Theater is keeping America’s love affair with classic radio alive! Classic Radio Theater airs Saturdays 8pm – 10pm on 92.7FM/98.5FM and Sundays 7pm – 10 pm on 92.7FM and the platforms of


Saturday, October 1, 2022
Hour 1 - The Adventures of Philip Marlowe starring Gerald Mohr, originally broadcast October 1, 1949, 73 years ago, The Tale of the Mermaid. A traffic accident outside of his office leads Marlowe to a murder on the waterfront and a "mermaid."

Hour 2 - Father Knows Best starring Robert Young, originally broadcast October 1, 1953, A Date Mix-Up. Father arranges a date for Betty and causes all kind of problems. Also Claudia, originally broadcast October 1, 1948, More Company for David. David's still in the hospital...and he won't enjoy it.


Sunday, October 2, 2022
Hour 1 - The Great Gildersleeve starring Harold Peary, originally broadcast October 2, 1946, 76 years ago, Leila’s Wedding Invitations. Leila announces her marriage...and not to the water commissioner!

Hour 2 - Casey, Crime Photographer starring Staats Cotsworth, originally broadcast October 2, 1947, Miscarriage of Justice. A woman has been murdered twice? How can the killer be tried again after being freed the first time? Also Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police, originally broadcast October 2, 1937, Instructions from the Octopus.

Hour 3 - An Hour of Johnny Dollar. First, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, originally broadcast October 2, 1960, The Stope of Death Matter. A miner has been killed in a gold mine...or was it murder? Also Part 2 of a 5 part Yours Truly Johnny Dollar story, The Picture Postcard Matter, originally broadcast October 2, 1956. A visit to a Swiss inn, a skiing date with a possible murderess.