Marijuana Legislation Pulled From Thursday House Agenda


A bill that would permit adult recreational use of marijuana in Delaware and regulate production and sale of marijuana has been pulled from Thursday’s House agenda.

The lead sponsor, Representative Ed Osienski, D-Newark, said just hours before the session that he and other lawmakers have filed several amendments in recent days that would make significant changes to House Bill 150 as written.

Osienski released this statement:

“House Bill 150 is an extremely important piece of legislation with many complicated moving parts. In recent days, a number of amendments have been filed by myself and other legislators that would make significant changes to the bill as written. Accordingly, my colleagues and I need time to consider the implications of these various amendments before bringing the bill to the House floor for a vote. This is one piece of legislation that we have to get right, and I encourage my fellow legislators, advocates and supporters of the bill to please be patient as we continue to work toward the goal of legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use in Delaware.”