Maryland Governor expediting work, closing toll booths at Bay Bridge as traffic nightmare persists


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is expediting work and closing toll booths at the Bay Bridge in an attempt to complete construction that’s caused a traffic nightmare for commuters, travelers, and residents in parts of Queen Anne’s and Anne Arundel Counties.

“I am taking action to demand that every effort be taken to complete this project as soon as possible, and I am directing all the engineers and experts to look at every possible solution that is feasible,” Governor Hogan said via social media.

Governor Hogan directed the Maryland Department of Transportation to make sure the contractor is working 24-hours a day, expediting construction work.

“We have asked them to study solutions like faster drying concrete,” Governor Hogan said.

Toll booths for the time being will be eliminated, according to Governor Hogan, who directed transportation officials to implement full electronic tolling at the Bay Bridge as soon as possible.

“I am directing the State Highway Administration and the Maryland State Police and all relevant state agencies to assist and coordinate with the Maryland Transportation Authority and local governments in helping traffic to move,” Governor Hogan explained. “I have also tasked every agency and all state employees and contractors involved in this project to take every possible step to minimize its impact on citizens and to aggressively communicate the steps being taken.”

Governor Hogan has also directed engineers and administration officials to negotiate solutions to alleviate traffic issues to the affected areas, specifically parts of Queen Anne’s County and Anne Arundel County.

“This can not be delayed another decade, and we can not put Marylandersā€™ safety at risk,” Governor Hogan said. “I will continue to push the entire state government to do everything possible to mitigate the pain, shorten the time frame, and to expedite the completion of these critical safety repairs.”