Maryland State Police conduct crime blitz in Wicomico, Dorchester Counties

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Tayron Mims – Drugs seized during operation – Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police, along with allied local and federal law enforcement agencies, partnered on Friday to target criminal activity and criminal organizations operating within Wicomico and Dorchester counties.

In Wicomico County, enforcement efforts were based on intelligence relating to illegal drug use and sales, firearm violations and crimes of violence.

In Dorchester County, the gathering of information included identifying criminal gang members and suspects of open criminal investigations and fugitive apprehension/warrant services.

Information obtained during the Dorchester County operation led to intelligence regarding a case previously investigated by the Dorchester County Narcotics Task Force.

This information was used to serve a search and seizure warrant on a targeted residence and as a direct result led to the seizure of a handgun, cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and marijuana and the arrest of a suspect.

The suspect, identified as Tayron Rynell Daniel Mims, 32, of Cambridge, Maryland is charged with felony drug possession and distribution charges. He was taken to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office for processing

In total, the two operations yielded the following results in each county:

Wicomico County

  • Traffic Stops: 32
  • Traffic Warnings: 30
  • Traffic Citations: 10
  • Warrants Served: 2
  • K-9 Scans: 5
  • K-9 Tracks: 1
  • Vehicle Searches: 19
  • Field Interviews:
  • Foot Pursuits: 3
  • CDS Seized: marijuana (26 grams) and fentanyl (trace amount)

Dorchester County

  • Traffic Stops: 136
  • Traffic Warnings: 103
  • Traffic Citations: 76
  • Repair Orders: 13
  • DUI: 4
  • On View Arrest: 1
  • Warrants Attempted: 25
  • Warrants Served: 6
  • K-9 Scans: 6
  • Civil Citations (marijuana): 13
  • Vehicle Searches: 14
  • CDS Seized: marijuana (41.2 grams) and crack cocaine (1.2 grams)

As part of the Dorchester County Narcotics Task Force Search Warrant, authorities seized 573.1 grams of marijuana, 27.4 grams of powdered cocaine, and 25.8 grams of fentanyl/heroin.

The initiative came under the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN), a criminal justice strategy, coordinated at the local, state, and federal levels targeting gangs, drugs, firearms and human trafficking.

MCIN is particularly focused on those criminal networks that are impacting multiple jurisdictions and accomplishes this by sharing information across borders.