Maryland’s Highest Court Rejects Challenge To Legislative Map


The Maryland Court of Appeals Wednesday upheld the state’s legislative map and turns down three challenges to it.
The order affirms findings of a special magistrate who heard the case that challenged the map, which was was passed by the Democratic-controlled General Assembly earlier this year.

For an interactive map of legislative districts, please CLICK HERE

To read the special magistrate’s report, please CLICK HERE

Compact-ness of districts and transparency of the process were two issues that were used to challenge the map, which redraws the Senate and House districts following the 2020 U.S. Census.

Maryland’s election calendar has already been adjusted due to this challenge and a previous battle over congressional maps. The Maryland primary will take place July 19th.

“Maryland history will not remember this day kindly,” Fair Maps Maryland Spokesman Doug Mayer said. “The idea that the same toxic process that produced the unconstitutional congressional map also produced a constitutional legislative map is inconceivable. Laughable actually. The leadership of the Maryland General Assembly is guilty of extreme gerrymandering and blatant voter suppression. They and they alone are responsible for disenfranchising millions of Maryland voters.”