Md. Directs COVID Relief Toward Agriculture, Seafood Industry


Maryland farmers, producers and watermen that have been impacted by the pandemic could be eligible for COVID relief funding.

Governor Larry Hogan said Tuesday that the targeted relief of more than $9-million comes from a $600-million economic relief packaged announced by the state during the pandemic. The Maryland Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources facilitated payments to farmers and commercial seafood operations, including aquaculture, that demonstrated losses due to COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented hardship for so many, and while Maryland’s farmers and producers are certainly no exception, they have continued to work hard every single day to support our food supply chain,” Hogan said. “We remain strongly committed to helping Maryland’s agricultural community as we weather this storm together.”

“This year has been a challenge unlike any other, and that is especially true for the state’s food production businesses,” MDA Secretary Joe Bartenfelder added. “While we understand this money will not make everyone whole, it is the least we can do to provide some relief to the men and women who have worked throughout this public health crisis to ensure that we continue to have reliable access to a safe food supply.”