Md. Emissions Centers Reopen Monday


The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration plans a reopening of all Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program stations, which had been closed during the pandemic.
Some of them were also used as drive-through COVID-19 testing locations.
The stations will reopen starting Monday, October 19th.
Customers who had pending business with the VEIP program have received new dates in the mail.
Some vehicle owners may also use self-serve kiosks.
Customers and employees are required to wear face coverings during inspections and while in customer services areas.
Visitors will also be screened, and some testing procedures will be modified.

More guidelines were released by the Maryland Department of Transportation:

New safety procedures

As part of the VEIP station reopening plan, MDOT MVA is implementing several safety and operational changes to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. The procedures are designed to protect customers and MDOT MVA staff, and include:

  • Face coverings – Employees and all customers will be required to wear face coverings during testing and in customer service areas. Employees and customers will also be asked a series of screening questions and be subject to a temperature scan in order to enter a station lobby or office.
  • Social distancing – Social distancing procedures will be in effect at all VEIP stations, including testing bays and customer service areas.
  • Sanitation efforts – All VEIP stations statewide have been deep cleaned and disinfected consistent with CDC guidelines. Additionally, employees and customers will have access to hand sanitizer in the testing bays and customer services areas.

“The safety of customers and VEIP employees is a top priority for MDOT MVA, and these guidelines will ensure emissions testing can resume in a healthy and protected environment,” said MDOT MVA Administrator Chrissy Nizer. “We appreciate our customers for being patient during the closure, and as we navigate the reopening.”

Modified test procedures

MDOT MVA also will temporarily modify VEIP test procedures in consideration of the safety and health of customers and employees. To reduce customer interaction and high touch points, customers will exit their vehicle and VEIP inspectors will connect the required cable while remaining outside of a customer’s vehicle. The inspector will provide test instructions to the customer – either verbally or through flash cards, as needed. The customer will then disconnect the cable from their vehicle. The cable will be sanitized by the inspector between tests. The entire test will be completed while observing appropriate social distancing.

The idle testing for heavy duty vehicles will not be changed since there is limited interaction with the customer and vehicle for this test type. Where interaction is needed, social distance measures will be utilized.

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