Md. Faith Leaders Honored For Vaccine Outreach


Maryland’s faith leaders got a show of appreciation Tuesday for their efforts to get people vaccinated for COVID-19 in their communities.

Governor Larry Hogan and other leaders of the state’s coronavirus programs honored about 50 faith leaders during an event at M & T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. The stadium serves as one of Maryland’s mass vaccination sites.

“Equally as important as getting a vaccine yourself is helping someone you know to get a vaccine,” Hogan said. “At the core of that effort is engaging with our trusted community leaders to stand up vaccination clinics in underserved and hard-to-reach areas and educating people about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.”

“Faith-based and community-based organizations have been instrumental in our fight against the coronavirus pandemic and expanding the reach of the state’s vaccination efforts,” Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford added. “I have worked closely with many of you and called on you as trusted voices to encourage more people to get vaccinated because you are uniquely positioned as members of the clergy to connect with folks on a personal level and reach them in a way government officials may not reach them.”