Md. GOP Lawmakers Outline Tax Relief, Anti-Crime Legislation


Maryland State Senate Republicans have started a push for tax relief legislation and anti-crime bills in 2022.

GOP lawmakers have introduced a bill to repeal what became known as the Netflix Tax, a tax that was implemented on digital downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic. A veterans home ownership tax credit and legislation to roll back the automatic gas tax increase that is tied to the consumer price index have also been endorsed by State Senate Republicans.

The GOP Caucus also is reintroducing a bill that would enhance penalties for violent crimes involving guns, and a measure that would make theft of a handgun a felony crime instead of a misdemeanor.

“Maryland Senate Republicans are a moderating force in the Maryland General Assembly, and we are advancing commonsense policies that improve the lives of everyday Marylanders,” Senate Minority Leader Bryan Simonaire, R-Anne Arundel County said. “We know that Marylanders are deeply concerned about the rising cost of living and doing business as well as the violent crime crisis that continues to ravage our communities throughout the State.”