Md. GOP Lawmakers Seek Repeal Of “Netflix Tax”


Maryland Senate Republicans are seeking to repeal what’s known as the Netflix Tax, a tax on streaming services, audiobooks, e-books and other digital content.

Members of the GOP Caucus released a video message Thursday as they began a grassroots petition drive in their attempt to repeal the tax in January, 2022.

According to Senate Minority Leader Bryan Simonaire, R-Anne Arundel Co., majority Democrats created new taxes on the very services that were helping Marylanders struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This tax is arrogant and punitive,” Senate Minority Whip Michael Hough, R-Frederick Co., Carroll co. added. “Maryland does not have a revenue problem. The far-left Democratic supermajority has a spending problem and passed this regressive tax when the public was barred from the legislative process due to COVID-19.”

“Maryland Republicans have a history of standing up for everyday Marylanders. We successfully repealed the Rain Tax, and we will repeal the “Netflix Tax,” State Senator Mary Beth Carozza, R-Lower Eastern Shore said. “Every day, I hear from my constituents that they are being taxed to their breaking point. It was cruel to raise taxes during a pandemic, specifically targeting those outlets that were helping everyday Marylanders cope with social isolation.”