Md. Gov. Hogan Delivers Proposed District Maps To General Assembly


On the first day of the 90-day Maryland General Assembly session, Governor Larry Hogan Wednesday dropped off a set of proposed legislative district maps produced by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission.

“These fair maps call for districts that are geographically compact, that do not take into account how citizens are registered to vote, how they voted in the past, or what political party—if any—they happen to belong to,” Hogan said. “They also do not take into account in any way where any incumbent or candidate for office happens to reside. I urge the General Assembly to adopt these fair maps immediately.”

Last month, Hogan vetoed  a set of congressional maps produced by the General Assembly’s redistricting commission, contending that they are antidemocratic and gerrymandered.

Hogan sought to end a pattern of gerrymandering in Maryland by establishing the nine-member citizens commission  in January 2021 by executive order. The governor maintains that the commission’s maps do not take into account the residency of any incumbents or candidates for office.

Three Republicans, three Democrats and three independents served on the citizens commission.