Md. Makes Plans For J&J COVID Vaccine


Maryland is getting an initial allocation of 49,600 doses of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine this week. Governor Larry Hogan Monday said 100-percent of the doses will be deployed to providers.

Future allocations of this vaccine, which requires only a single dose, could be uneven and significantly smaller than this week’s shipment.

Federal officials have advised states that people may receive any of the recommended coronavirus vaccines and are encouraged to get the one that’s available earliest to them. A single dose may also be preferable for people who want to complete their immunization schedule quickly or may have difficulty returning for the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe, effective, and made right here in Maryland,” Hogan said. “Our plan is to get this vaccine into the community right away and right into arms so that we can continue increasing our vaccination rate.”

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