MD PSC Grants OC’s Petition Request to Review New Larger Turbine Sizes for Offshore Wind Projects


The Maryland Public Service Commission has granted Ocean City’s petition request to review the new proposed turbine sizes for two wind energy projects that were approved in 2017.  The Commission determined that the new larger turbines – which are nearly double the size proposed two years ago – constitute material changes to the original applications.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan issued the following statement today concerning the PSC’s action:

“We want to thank the Public Service Commission for granting our request for a public hearing on the increased size of Maryland’s off-shore wind projects.  We have always had concerns regarding the visual impact of the wind turbines even at the original size approved by the PSC.  However, when developers released plans to unilaterally double the size of these massive turbines without any public input or approvals it was clearly time for the Commission to step in.  We want to thank the Public Service Commission for the opportunity to present our concerns and the concerns of our citizens, visitors and property owners regarding the impact of these giant structures on our town.  As we have stated form the beginning, we support clean energy initiatives but not at the cost of destroying the pristine viewshed off of our beach forever.  We only get one chance to get this right and this is our chance.”

The Commission also ordered that a public hearing on the larger sized turbines be set for noon on Saturday, January 18, 2020 on the Eastern Shore at a location to be determined.